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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Will my dog be safe and comfortable?

  • At Dognificent Grooming, safety and comfort are the top priorities. My home-based setting provides a calm environment, which helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Each grooming session is personalized to individual needs, which helps to build trust and make your dog feel comfortable.

How many years of experience do you have with grooming?

  • I have 4 years of grooming experience and I specialize in small to medium breeds up to 55 lbs. I have worked with various small to medium sized breeds, temperaments and coat types.

What are your grooming rates?

  • Pricing is based on the specific services your dog needs, their weight, temperament, condition of the hair and time the groom takes. For a detailed list of services, please visit the Services Page or call, text or email directly for a personalized quote!

What if my dog has a medical condition or is elderly? What if my dog gets anxious during the grooming process?

  • I have experience working with puppies, adults and senior dogs. Please inform me of any specific needs, health conditions and medications given prior to grooming when booking. I understand that some dogs can get anxious during grooming and I utilize a gentle yet firm approach but I won't make a dog go too far out of their comfort zone; this along with my small and quiet set up helps to make the process less stressful for your dog. 

How long will the grooming session take?

  • The duration of a grooming session varies depending on the services requested and your dog's specific needs. Typically they're here for a few hours but I will call or text you when they're almost done.

Can I stay with my dog during the grooming session?

  • While I understand that some pet parents prefer to stay, dogs often do better when they are not distracted. Rest assured, your dog will receive loving and professional care throughout their grooming session!

How often should my dog be groomed?

  • The frequency of grooming depends on breed, coat type, home maintenance and lifestyle. Generally I recommend a 4-8 week schedule to keep your dog clean, mat-free, their nails at a healthy length and looking their best!

Do you offer transportation services for grooming appointments?

  • Yes, I offer convenient transportation to and from grooming appointments! This service ensures that even if you have a busy schedule, your dog can still receive the care they need without any hassle. Rates vary by mileage and I do require ample notice for this service. 

How do I book an appointment?

  • Booking an appointment is easy! Simply use my convenient online booking, call, text or email! I’ll work with you to find a convenient time that fits your schedule and meets your dog’s grooming needs.

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